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Ask a member of our staff about our priority pre-paid cards.


 1. How can I order a minicab or taxi from All Night Cars?

By phone: 01322 221100 or 01322 222555

Use our website: Book Online

Or use our booking app: Download App 

At the Office: All Night Car Hire 47 Hythe Street Dartford Kent DA1 1BG

2. How can I check how much I will have to pay?

Use our app: Type your pick up and drop off , app will calculate estimate price 

By phone: Tell us the all pick-up and drop-off points and ask for a quote.

Website: Fares

Local journeys: These are charged by mileage. Use Google maps to give you the mileage for the shortest distance and then find the approximate price using the mileage chart on our website:

Longer distances: If your destination/pick-up point is in our price list, this will give you an approximate price for a journey with one pick-up or drop-off starting or finishing in Dartford Town Centre.

All our vehicles are recently fitted with fare calculators so you can see what the fare is. At the beginning of your journey the screen will show a minimum fare charge (for the first 2 miles), or the full fare if your trip has a fixed price.

3. Can a wheelchair accessible vehicle be provided?

YES. The All Night Cars fleet includes wheelchair accessible vehicles. Just ask for one when you book a cab.

4. I don't have cash on me, can I pay by card?

YES. Pre-pay by  using our booking app , register your card and you dont need to use cash any more , also most of our fleet have in-car chip & pin card machines. Tell us if you need chip & pin cab when you book. You can also pay by card in our office before your journey begins. Or use our pre-paid Priority Card.

5. What should I do if I'm not sure that the fare I paid was correct?

Drivers are required to take the shortest route unless asked by the customer to take a different route. If the route the customer has asked the driver to take is longer, the fare will be higher. Fare is displayed on in car Fare Calculator.  If you have any doubts about the fare charged:

6. I like the service provided on my last journey; can I ask for the same driver next time?

All our drivers are qualified to provide you with the best possible service. You can request to have the same driver again and we will do our best to meet your request. However, it subject to the driver’s availability. Please ask at time of booking.

7. How can I book an airport transfer, can I go only one way?

By phone: 01322 221100 or 01322 222555

Use our website: Airport Transfer

At the Office: All Night Car Hire 47 Hythe Street Dartford Kent DA1 1BG

All airport transfers have discount prices (please check website), you can book one way or return journey.

If you requested a pick-up only from an airport or any other destination, the journey will have to be pre booked and pre payed before we pick you up.

8. I’m going on a Night out in Dartford on Saturday and I will need a taxi home. Can I pre-book one?

The best way to get a cab home is to use our booking app, you can pay by app , cash or card*

To book a cab at this time, just call us on 01322 221100 and we can pick you up from any place in the town, you don't have to walk all the way to Hythe street any more. . Book Online

*card payments posible on all Executive Fleet cars , selected standard vehicles and in pree pain in our office.

9. I need a taxi at the same time every weekday, do I have to book it every single day?

No. if you request a regular booking it can be set up for you. Just tell us when you book which days and times you need to be pick-up and for how long you like to set it up (week, month, till cancel). Than the only think you have to remember is to let us know when you don’t need a taxi.

Address All Night Car Hire 47 Hythe Street Dartford Kent DA1 1BG

Telephone Number 01322 221100

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